tigra tigra is supa supa

 tigra tigra is supa supa

Text and Collage by Fabienne Ayina

Tigra Tigra is the kept secret du jour clothing-slash-accessories-slash-furniture label that you are dying to share with your friends but then decide later to keep for yourself. Bailey Hunter, the textiles obsessed designer and Gavin Logan, her partner in crime –who’s developing the furniture side of Tigra Tigra — are the creative minds behind the niche label.  The duo have a total creative freedom and control over their production. No trends and seasons here. They rely on intuition and don’t let external forces influence their creative impulse.

The fruit of this slow — but surely– pursuit  is an handmade-only collection of rare, timeless and original unusual pieces. We are far away from the sterile uniform we tend to see lately everywhere we look. We can even consider the limited production (only 2 to 4 pieces by design ) as wearable pieces of art. The price point of their pieces is rather fair if you think about the uniqueness and craftsmanship of each piece ($290 for an handmade leather bag, $360 for a rare padded jacket involving 13 stages of dyeing stages and about $280 for an outfit crafted from a precious fabric made in Nepal).

Gavin insists

to not asking someone to do something that culturally doesn’t make sense for them. We are trying to really celebrate what other people have been doing , keeping those traditions alive“.

Relocated in Los Angeles, the creative pair who left New York two years ago is working with gifted artisans from all over the world. Nothing new under the sun, except that Tigra Tigra’s collaboration is based on respect and integrity with the traditional craft’s experts. As Bailey said herself she’s not making ethnic souvenir.