"Cheap Chic" by Caterine Milinaire and Carol Troy 1975 1st edition

$ 152.00

Before blogs and other street style reports there was "Cheap Chic". The now cult fashion book is an illustrated reference written by Milinaire and Troy in the 70s.

The hard to find piece features great pictures,  timeless tips and quirky statements by the young-then artists and designers (Fran Leibowitz, Zandra Rhodes, Donna Karan...).

The "fashion bible and guide" (New York Times) is dog-eared, roughed up and beloved for its practical and cheap suggestions at getting the most bang for your buck and resisting conformity that permeated and still permeates the fashion industry.


The fresh and rebellious tone of the authors is still very modern and relevant. It is a cool breathe in a suffocating atmosphere.


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