le jardin des bienh: a secret garden in Fes

le jardin des bienh: a secret garden in Fes

Text and Photos by Fabienne Ayina



mysterious morocco

Of course I’m not the only one to fall under the spell of the North African country. By tradition, the kingdom always attracted a crowd of artists, poets, vagabonds, and other free-spirited characters –Jimi Hendrix, Eugene Delacroix, Talitha Getty, The Stones, Yves Saint Laurent, William Burroughs, Henri Matisse, Paul Bowles–. There is a certain aesthetic, mystery and magic in Morocco which are quite enveloping. The warmth and hospitality of the people, the luxurious natural materials, the unseen behind the heavy doors, the legends and an untamed desert.



An Hidden Oasis

The ultimate luxury is to get lost in Le Jardin des Bienh in the old medina of Fes. I found my way to a terrace and as a reward I order myself a sunset show, some fresh handed picked black olives from the garden and a glass of red wine. Michel Bienh, the owner, revamped the ex-property of a libertine Pasha into a very intimate nine-small houses hotel and lives in the small house in the back of the oasis. If you are lucky enough to meet with Michel and spend time at Le Jardin des Biehn you will feel inspired and refreshed enough to live the best life you possibly can.